Friday, May 1, 2009

Get a life people, please

I miss my school days a lot but I regret not having had a fair share of real fun moments while I was at school. That was because I was a timid child and I grew up to be timid. Inside, I have a lot of aspirations.
I want to be a brat and enjoy to the fullest,
go out to party on Saturday nights,
laugh at people,
laugh at myself,
laugh my heart out,
play pranks,
dance like crazy,
look stylish,
look funky,
be the coolest girl around,
rule the world.

Most of the time I am not what I want to be. I pretend a lot. It's all for my reputation I admit.

Because to be what I want to be, I must have a company of my kind. Leave alone actually doing all this, even if I tell anybody about this, they form an image - one of me being characterless.


I'm not talking about two-timing. Neither am I talking about one night stands. Even if someone confesses that he/she is addicted to sex, I wouldn't call that person 'characterless'.

I know they all will do it. I know many of them have done it. I know many of them still do it. And obviously, I don't say they are wrong if they do. What I despise is the pleasure people get in forming wrong images (while completely forgetting to try to form an image of themselves). Not only that, most of them derive greater pleasure in publicizing these images.

Oh! What's with these people. I fail to understand. Why the jealousy and why the hypocrisy?
Why do people have to let down others to quench their guilty conscience!

I'm adamant and I know one day, I'll do what I want to do. Only I'll decide if I'm guilty or not and satisfying my conscience will entirely be my problem. I might not listen to it, but I definitely would never try to lie to it.


  1. I read the first few lines, and I thought, it sounds so much like, [I admit not the dancing part], but many things like pretending for the image which we have, if not in reality, the image we think we have.

  2. hmm

    we might not always be what we want to be.

    and as for people who think of the characterless issue......


    as say I

    drop your drink over their expensive dresses.
    and say. oops. ;)

  3. gosh!!!
    its nxt 2 impossible to confs all dis, moreover on a public wall...u seems to be pretty lockd in a closet bt i hp one day u'll brk these boundations to fly high out in horizn !! i'd sum similar exp of my school lyf n i knw how it feel whn u luk bck on those dayz n think u werent lived thm fully!!!
    nywayz keep writin...will surly stumble again..

  4. I guess a lot of people like to gossip and thats how they form wrong images abt other ppl..

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