Saturday, July 4, 2009

The day it rained

"Two seats have been vacated. You can take one of them if you hurry up."

It was a regular thing waiting outside the library till someone in the reading hall decided to go home. There was I and only one other girl waiting outside that day so I offered her to take the other seat.


This was the first time I saw the girl say something. People who are so quiet all the time seem to have some mystery attached to them and so you feel drawn towards them. I recall noticing this girl a lot for the same reason.

When I was done with reading for the day, I went and occupied a bench in the garden outside the library. After a while, the girl came and sat besides me.

"My name's Iti. What's yours?"
I responded, surprised at the conversation being started by her.

"Nitu." She answered.

And then that followed was a long series of questions and answers.
She noticed that the bus stand from where she had to take a bus to home fell in the way to my house, so she asked if I we could walk together to the bus stop.

"I would be glad", I said.

And before I realized I had a new friend.

We would talk for long hours. We would go over to my place for lunch. We had not much in common though, she being a serious kind and I being a fun loving girl. But as science tells us, opposites attract!

"There was a guy.....", she said once, when we were at my place.

Ooh....a love story, I thought to myself.

"I considered him to be a true friend... I liked him a lot", she continued, as she lay down her head slightly over my shoulders.
"These guys....they look so charming and act so sweet...."


"But you never have to wait to long to know what's behind that charm and that sweet, innocent face..."

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about a damn fucker who tried to do it with me and smashed the trust, the god damned friendship, under his stinking feet."


She was teary eyed. It seemed like the wound was fresh.

"I'm sorry dear.....I'm so sorry. Not all guys are to be trusted. But I'm sure you'll find a guy who really deserves your friendship and your trust very soon."

"No. No man is to be trusted. No man....."
She placed her head on my lap.

I could make out she was crying. I didn't know what to do so I let her. I thought that would comfort her.

I started feeling sleepy as I waited for her to stop crying. Her weeping turned into sobbing and the next thing I remember is feeling something strange....something like a lick, and a bite on my thigh...I quicly gathered my senses and screamed at her, alarmed.

"What the hell are you doing?"

She didn't stop doing it. I forcibly lifted her head off my lap and shook her by her arm.

"What is with you?" I shouted at her.

I could see she was now feeling embarrassed. Her eyes were playing hide and seek with mine. Her eyes were still watery.


Her eyes streamed. I melted.

"It's turning dark. Lets accompany you to the bus stop. Come."

We walked together but for the first time I felt she didn't feel comfortable walking with me. She was crying, I could see and I couldn't bear it. I wanted to tell her that it's okay and that a mistake, if realized can be forgiven, but I couldn't.

It started to rain.
It was her license to cry freely.

We were yet to reach the bus stand. She stopped. I stopped too.
She looked at me, rain drops merging with her tears and dropping off her chin.

"Please do me a favour", she said, "Let me go alone from here."

I was confused.

"Please", she said.

"Hmmm....okay", I replied and started to turn back.
But something suddenly interrupted me. A kiss.

I saw her run till she disappeared, forever.


  1. Hmm. Double standards. Complaining abt someone breaking her trust, and betraying someone else's trust herself?

    I feel no pity for that gal.I hate hypocrites

  2. Nice story.. well written!

  3. Yadayada, yup, at least as it appeared to me.

    CRD, true but I still feel pity for her. At both times, it was she who actually felt the pain. Right?

    dD, thanks, only I wish it were 'just' a story.

  4. hey, that's very well written. did she try to trick u into that situation or was it all spontaneous?


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