Thursday, April 16, 2009


I'm sorry guys for being out of touch for so long. It's just that I have been sleeping a lot these days. Exams make me feel sleepy all the time, you know :D

And also, one of my friends got married! I don't believe this. I mean it's the first time I saw someone so close getting married. And guess what.......I was asked to take the engagement ring to the bride(my friend, that is). I have never ever felt so important. She was so eager to get married that I wish that she doesn't forget me now :|

But not all days were awesome. I had to go through a lot of testing times. My best she-friend invited me and my boyfriend to her boyfriend's ( who also happens to be my classmate) birthday. But the venue was too far from my place, plus it was a working day. Not having completed my practical files and the exams being too close, my boyfriend and I had to go to college in any case. So, we told them that it won't be possible for us to make it to the party.
So, she came up to me and said " I know why you refuse to come. I know it's because you believe in tit for tat". Ouch! That was the second time she hurt me since March, this year.
The first time was when she didn't make it to my Birthday party :(

And, sorry for that brain's frozen......uh.


  1. Dear Vijayshryaln, I wish I knew *sigh*
    But it sure isn't any time before five another years.
    Why do you ask, hmmmm?

  2. NO words to lessen your hurt, but this is life...without getting hurt no one can anticipate happiness :)

    Count eleven on your fingers and you will find yourself smiling !!! ;)

    Come back to my blog, if that doesn't work, it will surely leave you smiling .... and pay me back with some praises if that happens :D

  3. a mixed week eh? life is interesting that way


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